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Connect with your Kids – Valentines Crafts!

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It’s February which only means one thing – Valentines Day.  I love doing crafty stuff with the girls so here’s some heart & love themed ideas we’ve either done or will do at some point!

Art is such a great way to connect with your kids but I know for some it can be a source of stress.  Prepping ahead of time greatly reduces my stress.  Even though they’re excited, the girls aren’t allowed to even sit at the table until everything is ready.  They each get a station with their individual materials and then shared materials go in the middle.  I usually protect my table with cut up paper bags or I buy one of those cheap plastic tablecloths and use it for as long as I can.  When parts get sticky or too painted on for re-use I cut that section out and divide the rest into smaller mats.

I also enjoy art time more when I participate too.  My girls appreciate that we’re all doing something together and when I’m focused on my own project I don’t see all the drips and dribbles (which means my urge to tell them to ‘be careful! you’re making a mess!’ and micro-manage doesn’t rear it’s ugly head).


1 – Give a gift

Last year my girls made little bud vases for their Grandma.  A little messy but the girls loved being able to make something special for their “Mammy”.  I bought our bud vases for cheap but you could also use an empty glass jar.


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The set-up:  Something to contain the mess, your container, modge podge or other glue that will dry clear, paintbrushes and things to decorate (tissue paper, glitter, sequins etc).

Paint the glue on and decorate.  I find it works best to do it in sections.  You may also need to do a top coat of glue depending on the materials you use.  Tissue paper will do better with a top coat.

Let dry and gift to a loved one!

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2 –  Use painted paper for Valentines

My girls love painting.  In keeping with the valentines theme use red, pink and white paint to design your own paper.  Once dry you can cut out heart shapes and use as decorations around the house or turn it into cards.  We cut ours out into heart shapes and wrote “Happy Valentines Day” on the back.  Here’s a more detailed explanation on how to make painted paper from Deep Space Sparkle (although my girls didn’t paint the whole paper, they just decorated with hearts and ‘scribbles’ so there was quite a bit of white space left) –


3 – A Heart Map

I love this idea of making a heart map from The Artful Parent!  Since I don’t have watercolor paint tubes I’ll most likely just set out sharpies for us to draw the things we love and then paint over those pictures with our watercolor paint set.


4 – Make a ‘Tree of Love’

This ‘Tree of Love’ craft from LearnCreateLove is also super cute.  Love the idea of decorating further by writing on the names of people we love at the end.

5 – Make a yummy treat

Chocolate dipped strawberries?  What’s not to love?  I have a sprinkle addiction so I’ll set out fun valentines sprinkles and let the girls decorate with those.  I also don’t pipe.  If I want to get fancy I’ll dip a spoon in the melted white chocolate and drizzle.

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