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Hey there!  I’m Jen, photographer & mom to 2 girls – S, my sweet Songbird & C, my precious Bear.

After I had kids, I dedicated myself to being the “perfect mom” and lost myself in the process.  I spent a lot of time pretending things were fine when they weren’t.  A few years ago I signed up for a class to learn how to use my dslr camera.  Yes, I learned about photography and how to get great photos but I gained so much more.  I found myself.

Photography gives me an outlet to express myself without worrying about words.  I think life can get hectic and overwhelming and focusing things down to the bare minimum gives me space to process & appreciate it.

I let go of perfect and now embrace our life as it is and I’m a better mom for it.

I believe in the beauty of the ordinary and everyday so I strive to capture the details of our life with my lens.  Bedtime stories, giggles, messy hands and faces, and the occasional quiet cup of coffee in the morning – those are the moments I love and want to be able to look back on.

I shoot with a documentary approach because it allows me to share what’s real.  And I think being real is a whole lot more beautiful and meaningful than the image we project to the world.

So join me as I share photo tips, explore motherhood and find the beauty in the everyday.