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We all have that picture.  The one where your kids were doing something super precious so you quickly grabbed your camera to catch the moment.  But when you looked at the screen instead of seeing that picture perfect heart-melting moment you see dark, blurry faces and feel the pang of disappointment because you may never get that moment back.

I have many of those pictures.  Christmas mornings where we all look orange, the picture of my youngest laughing where nothing is in focus, the photo where half my husbands head is cut off or the one where you can’t even see my daughter but the tree behind her looks great!


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I’ve always loved photography and craved beautiful pictures of my everyday life.  So I did what I think a lot of people do, went out and bought a fancy camera.  But my photos didn’t improve much.  Tired of being frustrated with how my photos where coming out, I signed up for a class to learn how to use that big fancy camera.  And I learned to use it well.  But something I also learned was that I didn’t need to have a big fancy camera to take beautiful pictures.  And neither do you.


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Based on the idea that the best camera is the one you have, Everyday Snaps will teach you to how to be intentional in your photography so that you can capture beautiful images of your kids and your life.

During our time together you will learn:

  • to look for the light both inside and outside your house –  this alone can make a huge difference in your pictures!
  • basic compositional elements to create a stronger image
  • how to get pictures that tell the story of your family, not just the 3 seconds where everyone stood (somewhat still) and (hopefully) smiled at the camera
  • plus other tips on how to minimize frustrations while taking pictures of your kids


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The class size is limited to 8 people allowing Everyday Snaps to be a place to form connections, get support and have a more customized learning experience.

I truly believe it’s the person behind the camera that makes a picture, not the camera they use.  Designed for beginners, I want to help you take pictures you’re proud of with ANY camera, whether it’s your phone, a point and shoot or that DSLR you haven’t mastered yet.

While I won’t spend a lot of time covering technical details, you will leave this class understanding how to ‘see’ those picture taking opportunities.  These basics form the foundation to getting great photos.

Your workshop fee includes a 3 hour workshop, lesson notes + worksheets, as well as 4 weeks of online support.

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